Lennart Blom

Enthusiastic & passionate about sports, photography, software-engineering and all kinds of sophisticated stuff

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About this portfolio

This portfolio should simply provide a few links and information about my professional and private content that I love to share!


My professional qualifications, employee information and companies I am interested in.


Some old university projects and attempts to contribute to open source projects. But still looking for a workplace and the time/energy to give something back to the open source magic!


Not very active, but sometimes you can have a glance at my humor, my interests about tech and stuff that fascinates me.


My developer story displayed by stackoverflow's feature. Containing some overview about my recent education, projects and employees.

That's about it... enjoy the view


No selfies, boomerangs or filters.

Just trying to capture some beautiful nature or city impressions, which seemed to be nice to share!

Thank you

To the creator of this wonderful single page template. It was a pleasure to modify and work on it.

Credit goes to David Miller and his contributors on his Github repo


Osnabrück Germany
+49 163 6949308